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Dusk Garden (2000-2001)

Dusk Garden (2000-2001) — Unseen “Speaks truth who speaks shadow”. Paul Celan. This garden was conceived in memory of the mecenes father who died at Ausschwitz. The idea is to make Islands of Light. The light is charged during the day, the surface being covered with a material sensitive to ultra violet light,  and emitted at […]

Pavillon (2004)

Pavillon (2004) – Unseen “Other people’s feelings are also my own…”(2003) is a photographic and video work in progress. In these double portraits depicting myself, the artist, and the sitter side by side, I strive to research as closely as possible the inner posture and emotion of the sitter. For me, these portraits are about […]

More conspiracy than not (2001)

“More conspiracy than not” was a dinner I organised for the Coromandel Press issue ‘EAT’. Four ladies and four gentlemen were invited and the whole was conceived as a painting, a composition of characters, personalities and egos. I did not invite myself as I did not want to determine the form the evening could take; […]

Kissing Columns (2002)

Kissing Columns (2002) – Unseen This is a model for a sound installation where the columns in a huge classical space are looped from floor to ceiling, vertically, with magnetic sound tape that plays the sound of two people kissing. This intimate sound undermines and plays with the classical imposing structure and its aesthetics of […]

Staircase to heaven (2001)

Staircase to heaven (2001) – Unseen A thin latex mould of a staircase is suspended in space. It’s ambivalent nature is highlighted by the fragile and translucent skin, carrying traces of all the woodgrain, scratches and imperfections of the wooden steps; an object of the unsatisfiable desire of ascending the impossible.

The difference between chocolate and leather (1995)

The difference between chocolate and leather (1995) Parc Saint Léger, Pougues-les-Eaux, France ‘On the Beach’ features one skin colored carpet, 4m x 5m, two chocolate saddles, two hand made leather seats 65cms x 150cms, the same color as the chocolate saddles, with metal legs, of the kind one might find in a modernist reception room. […]