Realitätsbilder (2020)

Realitätsbilder (Realitypictures) I have lived in translation most of my life.  Shuttling between German, English and French I am constantly struck by the difficulty of translating the nuances expressed in one language to another.  This dilemma reaches its outer limits in the translation of poetry.  The significance of painting’s (and art’s) relationship to reality ebbs

Shadow Herbarium (2020)

Shadow Herbarium (2020)   As we inevitably concede in these pandemical times, nature cannot be opposed.  At superficial first glance Shadow Herbarium appears to consist of identical pages, as if to suggest the world never changes. Isn’t a shadow a momentary figment, a brush with the ephemeral? Yet at closer examination, the succession of diptychs

Lighter than air (2017)

Lighter than air,  Installation 2017   Lighter than air is a staging of a contemplation about the fragility of power and identity. This installation is composed of a lit room within a darker space, its metal studding structure just visible on the outside.  Light emanates through holes in the walls barely illuminating the dimly lit