Candle and burnt drawings 2017/18

These images are made by candle flame or cut, scorched and burnt on paper.  Two drawings, a 16th century drawing Landscape (pen drawing) by the austrian painter Wolf Huber (1485-1553) and another image from the painting Waterfall in the lower part of Telemark by A. Cappelen 1852 which was redrawn, were transformed into templates.

Drawings, burnings, scorching, making the act of drawing, of pictorial depiction simultaneously generative and destructive.

The drawings are burnt into and onto the paper with all the resulting risks and problems of control.

The images are drawn mainly from the German 19thcentury Romantic movement, whereby the tension between the intimate and the infinite is echoed by the tension between creating and simultaneously destroying.

Candleflame and Burn (2017-2018)