Fleur d’aisance
a public utopia project


The Fleur d’Aisance is a piece of urban utopian furniture, designed to explore, elevate and enlighten the ambivalence around organic functions in public space. By suggesting new social configurations, it affects our perception of one another and therefore our relationship to each other’s privacy. It proposes a new economy of spirit in the public space, no longer fearing bodily functions as a source of danger, but embracing them as a source of energy.

With this object, the urinal lands on the shores of a new world. No longer the industrial world into which it had been transposed by R. Mutt. But a world where distinctions between types would be abolished. Where exhibitionism and the dangerousness of proximity would disappear. A world without vice. What this design is about, therefore, is making it possible to engage publicly in a most intimate act, and thereby to face the anxiety of intimacy in the presence of others.

The Fleur d’Aisance, or, how a urinal designed to link privacy with a public space can allow us to overcome our modesty and imagine a new form of socialization.

Sophie Boursat

Fleur d’aisance (projet 2016)