HOBBY MOON 1991/92

James Hockey Gallery Farnham
Curator Andrew Cross

This installation consists of four highly waxed and polished black tables, their edges curving upwards. In one gallery corner, almost invisible, are three palm sized sealed glass spheres. These correspond to three glass breaths that hover ominously above the whole installation. At one end of the room there are two highly polished leather mirrors, one concave the other convex. Two of the tables have hollows, one like gambling scoops at either end with a drawing of the tower of Babel etched into dirt on the underside of of an oval sheet of glass. The hollow in the other table is more like a basin in the middle of the table with a dust drawing at each end. One is of an eagle from a coat of arms metamorphosing into a heart, the other of four male arms linking to form a firman’s rescue grip. The two tables between these two outer ones both carry chrome instruments. One set of instruments has a concave mirror looking into a convex one, the latter running into a glass tube and ending with an axe shaped handle. The other also extending into a glass tube but with a simple reservoir. The last table carries two objects, one the inverse of a spoon and the other a long extended trumpet with a scatalogical grip instead of a mouthpiece. The whole installation was made as a compliment to the gallery space whose secondary purpose had been that of a war hospital.

Hobby moon (1992)