Lighter than air, 
Installation 2017


Lighter than air is a staging of a contemplation about the fragility of power and identity.

This installation is composed of a lit room within a darker space, its metal studding structure just visible on the outside.  Light emanates through holes in the walls barely illuminating the dimly lit main space. The walls of the interior room are built with 2 layers of plasterboard giving the interior it’s bare grey appearance.  Holes have been drilled through the plasterboard walls and ceiling permitting the light to project outside. The resulting white plaster powder spills down the grey surface of the walls inside, collecting in a thin layer of dust on the floor, revealing phantom like images of coats of arms lightly etched in its unfixed and vulnerable powdery Rorschach shapes.

These symbols and motos of lasting virtue and clan identity are completely exposed to the viewers physical presence, threatening their destruction due to their impermanence and instability.

Lighter than air (2017)