PLENTY, 1991/92

Three houses, like oversized reliquaries, stand side by side. Their structure is wooden and their walls are translucent, being made of the gauzy curtain material commonly used in European homes to allow the inhabitants to look out without being seen. The middle house contains two black shiny rubber bellows, two lungs connected to each other with a long rubber tube. One is in a state of contraction, the other in a state of expansion. They appear to breathe into each other; the other two houses each contain sets of long chromed objects. One set has two handles connected with glass tubes like secular monstrances. The entrance point being over the shoulder of the grips that look like axe handles. The passive handles at the other end each have a small reservoir. The third house contains two long, chromed looking irons, arranged in a symmetrical, phallatial position. Mounted on a wall parallel to the three houses are four large sheets of glass, 217x70x0.5cm. The reverse side of each sheet of glass has a drawing of a snow crystal in dust collected in the gallery.

Plenty (1991-1992)