Still waters run deep 2018–19
White Titanium pigment on wooden plywood boards, 122 cms by 244 cms.

These images are drawn with white titanium pigment powder. The drawings themselves are of waves, from the ripples of water that I photographed one day on the River Rhine near my childhood village in Germany. The appearance of the white pigment drawing over the top of these natural flowing veined boards gives it a corporeal and skeletal aspect. I like the way that contrasts with the undercurrent of the natural wood pattern that flows below. 
These drawings, are very carefully controlled, and the powder with which they are drawn gives them a very transparent, translucent appearance. The glass pieces which are interspersed between these panels appear almost like the petrified versions of the water that you see in the drawings. There is a suggested symmetry as two glass handle grips almost kiss. There’s an inherent violence and at the same time fragility in these glass pieces, echoing the corporeal and skeletal aspect of the symmetrical water drawings.

Still waters run deep (2018-19)