Still waters run deep 2018–19
White Titanium pigment on wooden plywood boards, 122 cms by 244 cms.

This group of drawings began with an image of wave ripples on the Rhine river taken near my childhood village in Germany.  When I mirrored the image it appeared corporeal and skeletal, andwhen drawn it became sinewy.
The drawings, in white Titanium pigment powder, of the mirrored waves are carefully controlled, powdery and almost transparent, and are countered by the seemingly arbitrary flowing undercurrent of the veins of the generic 8 by4 foot ply-wood building panels. A counter-play of the order of symmetry imposed on nature’s unpredictable convulsions oscillating between the aesthetic of Chinese dream stones, that capture and beguile the viewer’s gaze, and the aesthetic rationale of symmetry.

Still waters run deep (2018-19)