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Oh Little Star of Bethlehem (1999)

Oh Little Star of Bethlehem, March 1999 Oh little star of Bethlehem was a nighttime installation. I badly parked a Mercedes 500 outside of the Serge Aboukrat Gallery on the Place Furstemberg in Paris. Images of skies evocative of German romantic paintings, were projected from the interior of the car through the star on the […]

Dusk Garden (2000-2001)

Dusk Garden (2000-2001) — Unseen “Speaks truth who speaks shadow”. Paul Celan. This garden was conceived in memory of the mecenes father who died at Ausschwitz. The idea is to make Islands of Light. The light is charged during the day, the surface being covered with a material sensitive to ultra violet light,  and emitted at […]

Pavillon (2004)

Pavillon (2004) – Unseen “Other people’s feelings are also my own…”(2003) is a photographic and video work in progress. In these double portraits depicting myself, the artist, and the sitter side by side, I strive to research as closely as possible the inner posture and emotion of the sitter. For me, these portraits are about […]

Kissing Columns (2002)

Kissing Columns (2002) – Unseen This is a model for a sound installation where the columns in a huge classical space are looped from floor to ceiling, vertically, with magnetic sound tape that plays the sound of two people kissing. This intimate sound undermines and plays with the classical imposing structure and its aesthetics of […]

Staircase to heaven (2001)

Staircase to heaven (2001) – Unseen A thin latex mould of a staircase is suspended in space. It’s ambivalent nature is highlighted by the fragile and translucent skin, carrying traces of all the woodgrain, scratches and imperfections of the wooden steps; an object of the unsatisfiable desire of ascending the impossible.

The difference between chocolate and leather (1995)

The difference between chocolate and leather (1995) Parc Saint Léger, Pougues-les-Eaux, France ‘On the Beach’ features one skin colored carpet, 4m x 5m, two chocolate saddles, two hand made leather seats 65cms x 150cms, the same color as the chocolate saddles, with metal legs, of the kind one might find in a modernist reception room. […]

16th century italian cinema (2000)

CENTRE D’ART DE LA CATHÉDRALE D’ÉVRY, 2000-2001 DANS LE CADRE DE L’ÉPIPHANIE There is a curved space in the Évry Cathedral behind the choir, between the exterior and the interior wall, (4m wide by 30m long) with twenty high and narrow windows looking out onto the esplanade. I covered the windows leaving only a a […]

Floor Drawing of the Big Now (2000)

Floor Drawing of the Big Now… … is the final version of a site specific installation where I used the volume/space of the staircase of the belltower of the Evry Cathedral as a self generating sound chamber. The sound of the people walking up and down the staircase would be mixed in with the sound […]

Trink… (1999)

Trink, trink, Bruederlein trink ! Donjon de Vez, 1999. I originally did the piece in a church/neo gothic chapell at the donjon de Vez for the exhibition ‘eclipse’. I used the residue, ie. the dirty glasses from the private view, a social gathering as something spiritual and holy to project onto the walls of the […]

Who’s afraid of Albrecht Dürer (1995-2005)

Who’s afraid of Albrecht Dürer (1995-2005) Dürer’s images generously decorated my room as a child in Germany. The ‘Praying Hands’, ‘The Rabbit’, ‘Melancholia’ etc. He embodied the protestant genius and had been the official artist of the Nazis. In 1493 the young Albrecht Dürer drew six pillows, probably the same one in six different states, […]

On the beach (The difference between chocolate & leather/on the beach) (1995)

The exhibitions On the Beach and the Difference between chocolate and leather were originally conceived as one installation but were shown separately within weeks of each other; together they might have been called Fear of Travelling. On the Beach was an exhibition consisting of a selection of twelve images, some historical, some taken from travel […]

Hobby moon (1992)

HOBBY MOON 1991/92 James Hockey Gallery Farnham Curator Andrew Cross This installation consists of four highly waxed and polished black tables, their edges curving upwards. In one gallery corner, almost invisible, are three palm sized sealed glass spheres. These correspond to three glass breaths that hover ominously above the whole installation. At one end of […]

Plenty (1991-1992)

PLENTY, 1991/92 Three houses, like oversized reliquaries, stand side by side. Their structure is wooden and their walls are translucent, being made of the gauzy curtain material commonly used in European homes to allow the inhabitants to look out without being seen. The middle house contains two black shiny rubber bellows, two lungs connected to […]

Pool1 + Pool2 (1990-1991)

Two chromed objects lie in the middle of a long, black, highly polished table. Both have phallic, scatological handles for a two handed grip. One of these objects ends with a mirror, the other with a spoon. Their arrangement is circular. On the wall, reflecting in the table is a photograph of an interior showing […]

Lewes (2000-2003)

Historical material is used as a starting point in “Lewes”(2000/3), a video co-created with British artist Chris Dorley-Brown. The framework is the annual anti-papal event in Lewes commemorating the burning of seventeen protestant martyrs in 1554-7. This project superimposes two films: the filming of the ritualistic event in the evening of November 5th 2000, followed […]

Seamless (1994)

Seamless is a white room, four metres wide, four metres high and eight metres long. The corners of the room have been rounded off creating the illusion of infinity, as if one should be able to touch the receding walls, but they constantly escape the fingertips. The light source is an arrangement of daylight fluorescent […]

Paradise Day (1993-1994)

“Paradise Day” is an installation built around a video of the same name. The video tells the story of a young man who dreams that he wants to fall in love but is forbidden to do so by the people around him. Determined to nonetheless achieve his goal he observes and watches all their movements […]

Feature (1989-1990)

Two wooden plinths, with glass vitrines, each contain two long chromed objects reminiscent of branding irons. Each iron has at either extremity a handle and an image. One pair of irons have depictions of Luther and a Gorilla, the other pair Descartes and a caricature of a North American Indian. Each vitrine also has a […]