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Pavillon (2004)

Pavillon (2004) – Unseen “Other people’s feelings are also my own…”(2003) is a photographic and video work in progress. In these double portraits depicting myself, the artist, and the sitter side by side, I strive to research as closely as possible the inner posture and emotion of the sitter. For me, these portraits are about […]

More conspiracy than not (2001)

“More conspiracy than not” was a dinner I organised for the Coromandel Press issue ‘EAT’. Four ladies and four gentlemen were invited and the whole was conceived as a painting, a composition of characters, personalities and egos. I did not invite myself as I did not want to determine the form the evening could take; […]

2Shot7 (2003)

2SHOT7 is a collaboration with the group Bateau Lavoir, (Belgium), the musicians Kahil el Zabar, Billy Bang and Hamiet Blewitt (USA), working with improvised open structure musical and video performances. I make the videos based on the same premise as the musicians by improvising in situ, by using the town or city and it’s surroundings. […]

Lewes (2000-2003)

Historical material is used as a starting point in “Lewes”(2000/3), a video co-created with British artist Chris Dorley-Brown. The framework is the annual anti-papal event in Lewes commemorating the burning of seventeen protestant martyrs in 1554-7. This project superimposes two films: the filming of the ritualistic event in the evening of November 5th 2000, followed […]

Pasolini loop (1999)

Pasolini loop Video/Installation (1999) The video installation Pasolini Loop, 1997-99. On entering the church like space, the viewer was immediately assaulted by image and sound, with videos simultaneously projected onto three walls and the ceiling. Where was the sound coming from? Why were the images distorted? At what point in the narrative were we? In […]

Jim’s last round (1995-1996)

Jim’s last round (1995-1996) Jim’s last round is a 10 minute black and white film. The scene takes place in a bar in the early hours of the morning between two customers with only the barman as witness. Their conflict appears at first like a dramatization of male forms of intimidation and humiliation with the […]

Seamless (1994)

Seamless is a white room, four metres wide, four metres high and eight metres long. The corners of the room have been rounded off creating the illusion of infinity, as if one should be able to touch the receding walls, but they constantly escape the fingertips. The light source is an arrangement of daylight fluorescent […]

Paradise Day (1993-1994)

“Paradise Day” is an installation built around a video of the same name. The video tells the story of a young man who dreams that he wants to fall in love but is forbidden to do so by the people around him. Determined to nonetheless achieve his goal he observes and watches all their movements […]