Lighter than air (2017)

Lighter than air,  Installation 2017   Lighter than air is a staging of a contemplation about the fragility of power and identity. This installation is composed of a lit room within a darker space, its metal studding structure just visible on the outside.  Light emanates through holes in the walls barely illuminating the dimly lit

Breathing house (2011)

The Breathing Houses (2011) — onwards   I have been photographing the houses and buildings in my grandmother’s village in southern Germany for over twenty years. With the last series of photos veering towards a rigorous objectivity, I decided to transform them into virtual animations of translucent breathing bodies, rendering the images simultaneously phantasmic and

Himmels Koerper (2004)

The series, Himmels Körper, or ‘Heavenly Bodies’ (I also call them ‘the Romantic skies in my own dirt’) has evolved from a night-time installation called ‘Oh little star of Bethlehem’ from 1999. I parked the latest Mercedes 500 in front of the Serge Aboukrat’s Paris ground floor gallery with a street facing window. Images of