Empathy Flag Room (2019-20)

Empathy Flag Room (2019-20) Three fans blow a large flag, animating it to twirl, twitch and billow. On the walls other flags hang, agitated by the currents of air that build up and swirl in the room.  All the flags are hybrids of national flags, layers of colours and shapes bleeding into one another to

Black Temple Whisper (2018)

Black Temple Whisper The sound of a scratchy analog record simulates the crackle of fire as the image draws into a black light absorbing material, gradually revealing a space and the skeletal, burnt and charred remnants of a chair.  

Shadow Herbarium (2020)

Shadow Herbarium (2020)   As we inevitably concede in these pandemical times, nature cannot be opposed.  At superficial first glance Shadow Herbarium appears to consist of identical pages, as if to suggest the world never changes. Isn’t a shadow a momentary figment, a brush with the ephemeral? Yet at closer examination, the succession of diptychs

Still waters run deep (2018-19)

Still waters run deep 2018–19White Titanium pigment on wooden plywood boards, 122 cms by 244 cms. This group of drawings began with an image of wave ripples on the Rhine river taken near my childhood village in Germany.  When I mirrored the image it appeared corporeal and skeletal, andwhen drawn it became sinewy.The drawings, in white Titanium pigment

9/11 Dream Falls (2001—2019)

9/11 Dream Falls (2001—2019) I had in the past recorded my dreams every morning for several months at a time. I found it difficult to go for longer as I needed to wake up very ‘carefully’ so that the dream did not escape and disappear like sand between my fingers. I carried these dreams around

Candleflame and Burn (2017-2018)

Candle and burnt drawings 2017/18 These images are made by candle flame or cut, scorched and burnt on paper.  Two drawings, a 16th century drawing Landscape (pen drawing) by the austrian painter Wolf Huber (1485-1553) and another image from the painting Waterfall in the lower part of Telemark by A. Cappelen 1852 which was redrawn,

Burnt drawings (2012-2013)

The Burnt Drawings   Drawings, burnings, scorching, making the act of drawing, of pictorial depiction with all its connotations simultaneously generative and destructive. The drawings are burnt into and onto the paper, setting it alight, with all the resulting risks and problems of control. The burnt drawings often use a symmetrical layout whereby each pictorial

The generals (2005)

‘The Generals’ was one of the projects I explored for Versailles Off exhibition in 2005. The idea was to use the early 19th century sculptures of French Generals stored in the ‘animalerie’ in the park of Versailles. As the exhibition was to take place at night, I wanted to stage their seemingly abandoned historic status

Shoes fade (2012)

Fade Installation of 2,949 pairs of shoes, fourteen meters in diameter, Nuit Blanche, Paris, 2012.   As the poet Jason Stoneking, who helped install this piece at the Palais de la Découverte in Paris, for Nuit Blanche 2012, wrote in his beautiful text : “ To get straight to the point, Markus’s work… It’s about

Breathing house (2011)

The Breathing Houses (2011) — onwards   I have been photographing the houses and buildings in my grandmother’s village in southern Germany for over twenty years. With the last series of photos veering towards a rigorous objectivity, I decided to transform them into virtual animations of translucent breathing bodies, rendering the images simultaneously phantasmic and

Phantom dust paintings (2006-2007)

The Dust Landscapes / Bastard paintings / Drunken paintings / Phantom paintings / Phoney paintings. This series is an exploration of German romantic landscapes painting. These paintings are reworked, crossbred, overlaid and fused with other images and paintings. They are images of paintings hung on walls with their frames and shadows and appear to be

Psychedelic romantic history paintings (2011)

Diving into Memory with Markus Hansen (excerpt) Hugues Albes-Nicoux, Backslash Gallery January 25th, 2012 Being German implies (still, to this day) having to bear that terrible burden we all know about, without even having shared in its ideals nor having taken part in any way. And from this arises a problem of identity. How does

Lewes aquarelles (2000-2007)

The Lewes series Untitled Works (2000/2007) with Christoph Nissou, watercolour on paper, each 35x80cms   The Framework for this series is the annual Lewes fire procession, an anti-papal event held on Guy Fawkes Night, in which the East Sussex town commmorates the burning of 17 protestant martyrs. It is based on video work Hansen made