Shadow Herbarium (2020)

Shadow Herbarium (2020)   As we inevitably concede in these pandemical times, nature cannot be opposed.  At superficial first glance Shadow Herbarium appears to consist of identical pages, as if to suggest the world never changes. Isn’t a shadow a momentary figment, a brush with the ephemeral? Yet at closer examination, the succession of diptychs

Unstable paintings for a controlled environment (2009-2016)

Hansen’s imagery is carefully chosen to enhance the tainted. In one work, a Hochsitz (a raised, covered structure used for observing or hunting animals) stranding in a crowded forest as dense as an Albrecht Duerer woodcut or a Gustav Mahler musical composition ominously connotes a military lookout post. In another image, a double eagle that

The sweet smell of being (2006)

An infrared security camera slowly circles and films a large pile of white, unwashed, dirty shirts in the middle of a room in complete darkness. The resulting image is projected from the interior of the pile onto the ceiling, transforming both the ceiling and the pile of dirty clothes into a sky that illuminates the

Staircase to nowhere (2005)

Stairway To Nowhere Installation, Versailles Off 2005 Transforming the Allée du Roi, the green lawn that unrolls down towards the Grand Canal of Versailles, into a stairway that leads up into the night… Vanity of vanities. Stairways are everywhere at Versailles: the Queen’s Stairway, the Ambassador’s Stairway, the One Hundred Steps of the Orangery… and

The ones that got away (2005)

‘The Ones That Got Away’ ‘The ones that got away’ refers to the dreams I recorded after September the 11th 2001. Trying to retrieve your dreams is like having sand running between your fingers. I had recorded my dreams before; intrigued by the way they often mirrored events that occurred during the day. After September

The generals (2005)

‘The Generals’ was one of the projects I explored for Versailles Off exhibition in 2005. The idea was to use the early 19th century sculptures of French Generals stored in the ‘animalerie’ in the park of Versailles. As the exhibition was to take place at night, I wanted to stage their seemingly abandoned historic status

Dürer flash pillows (2004—2013)

Dürer’s images generously decorated my room as a child in Germany. The ‘Praying Hands’, ‘The Rabbit’, ‘Melancholia’ etc. He embodied the protestant genius and had been the official artist of the Nazis. In 1493 the young Albrecht Dürer drew six pillows, probably the same one in six different states, as if distorted and tortured by