Still waters run deep (2018-19)

Still waters run deep 2018–19White Titanium pigment on wooden plywood boards, 122 cms by 244 cms. This group of drawings began with an image of wave ripples on the Rhine river taken near my childhood village in Germany.  When I mirrored the image it appeared corporeal and skeletal, andwhen drawn it became sinewy.The drawings, in white Titanium pigment

9/11 Dream Falls (2001—2019)

9/11 Dream Falls (2001—2019) I had in the past recorded my dreams every morning for several months at a time. I found it difficult to go for longer as I needed to wake up very ‘carefully’ so that the dream did not escape and disappear like sand between my fingers. I carried these dreams around

Candleflame and Burn (2017-2018)

Candle and burnt drawings 2017/18 These images are made by candle flame or cut, scorched and burnt on paper.  Two drawings, a 16th century drawing Landscape (pen drawing) by the austrian painter Wolf Huber (1485-1553) and another image from the painting Waterfall in the lower part of Telemark by A. Cappelen 1852 which was redrawn,

Burnt drawings (2012-2013)

The Burnt Drawings   Drawings, burnings, scorching, making the act of drawing, of pictorial depiction with all its connotations simultaneously generative and destructive. The drawings are burnt into and onto the paper, setting it alight, with all the resulting risks and problems of control. The burnt drawings often use a symmetrical layout whereby each pictorial

Each man kills the thing he loves (2011)

This installation is an identical mirrored double space, a spatial “mise en abyme” of the Spectator’s sense of “being there”. The only object in the room is a record player that plays the song “Each man kills the thing he loves” sung by Ingrid Caven, an exerpt from “The ballad of Reading goal”, a poem

Fleur d’aisance (projet 2016)

Fleur d’aisance a public utopia project   The Fleur d’Aisance is a piece of urban utopian furniture, designed to explore, elevate and enlighten the ambivalence around organic functions in public space. By suggesting new social configurations, it affects our perception of one another and therefore our relationship to each other’s privacy. It proposes a new

Mutual infinity space (projet 2016)

The mutual infinity space is a spherical architectural object. Seen from the outside it appears roughly made, plaster and wooden laths creating an almost random mesh across the plaster surface. Traces of hands having been at work are visible giving the whole object an organic, almost improvised, intuitive feeling. Held above the ground by scaffolding,

The same river twice (2013)

(you can not step into)… the same river twice Steven Riff Art Projects Istanbul 2013   The same river twice is an installation of three large drawings, framed by mirrors to the left and right, each in its individual space making these paintings into infinite repetitive landscapes. Each space has an intimacy and a sense

Volkswagen (projet 2016)

Volkswagen Project 2016   Volkswagen is a proposed piece that would fit naturally in the framework of Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves. More important and more complex, it doesn’t at all depend on the cognitive trap of being contingent on the preexistence of some certain order to our perception. Humans, being all too human,