Library dedicated to Claude Lévi-Strauss (2020-21)

Library dedicated to Claude Lévi-Strauss This installation is the intersection between a conversation I had with David of the Waunana tribe in the Choko rainforest in Columbia, South America in 1986, and the critique that Lévi-Strauss expressed about writing’s civilizational importance in his seminal book ‘Tristes Tropiques’.   The time I spent with the Waunana

Shadow Herbarium (2020)

Shadow Herbarium (2020)   As we inevitably concede in these pandemical times, nature cannot be opposed.  At superficial first glance Shadow Herbarium appears to consist of identical pages, as if to suggest the world never changes. Isn’t a shadow a momentary figment, a brush with the ephemeral? Yet at closer examination, the succession of diptychs

Still waters run deep (2018-19)

Still waters run deep 2018–19White Titanium pigment on wooden plywood boards, 122 cms by 244 cms. This group of drawings began with an image of wave ripples on the Rhine river taken near my childhood village in Germany.  When I mirrored the image it appeared corporeal and skeletal, andwhen drawn it became sinewy.The drawings, in white Titanium pigment

Crisis cabin (2011)

Markus Hansen’s ‘crisis cabin’ is reminiscent of the Black Forest log cabins.  No nails, screws or glue are used in its assembly as every piece slots together to facilitate it’s mobility.  It’s exterior is covered with feathers to protect against the rain. The entire structure is made of 22mm plywood and has a system of

Leather Saddle for Chimera (projet 2016)

A Leather Saddle for a Chimera Project by Markus Hansen, 2012   By hijacking the utilitarian nature of this object, and reconfiguring it for use by an imaginary or mythical being, this piece aims to reawaken the mind to the deep-seated memory of a fundamental conquest: that of the animal world, in our environment and

Angry Animals with my own eyes (2008-2018)

Upon my first visit to Deyrolles in Paris I was mesmerized when I opened the drawers full of glass eyes. Each drawer was for a different animal, lions, antelopes, dear, foxes, owls, etc. Bodiless, beautifully hand crafted reproductions of nature’s eyes. The dilemma of man’s relationship with nature was leering up at me. This beautifully

Staircase to nowhere (2005)

Stairway To Nowhere Installation, Versailles Off 2005 Transforming the Allée du Roi, the green lawn that unrolls down towards the Grand Canal of Versailles, into a stairway that leads up into the night… Vanity of vanities. Stairways are everywhere at Versailles: the Queen’s Stairway, the Ambassador’s Stairway, the One Hundred Steps of the Orangery… and

Place de la Résistance (2009)

Esch–sur-Alzette Installation. J’aimerai superposer les strates de sens dans ce jardin en prenant en compte le temps de sa maturation, donner forme à sa dimension temporelle. Le but étant d’intégrer le Monument de Perret en lui donnant toute son importance symbolique, à la fois architecture d’une époque et monument à la mémoire de ceux qui

“Ile” place d’Italie (2007)

The Place d’Italie is a kind of ‘non-place,’ a place that pedestrians dread having to cross because of the wide and endless flow of traffic. Getting around it on foot is a hazardous expedition, with the placement of the lights and crosswalks making one feel like an afterthought to the cars. And the giant leaves